Our History

After the death of Apsley Petre Peter the firm was carried on by his son Apsley Kenelm Peter who took Stanley John Rowland into partnership in 1935 and they continued as "Peter Peter & Sons" until 1948 when Apsley Kenelm Peter died and the former office boy became the firm's senior partner.

In the same year Stanley John Rowland took into partnership his cousin Edgar Frederick Clark who had also started at the bottom as a clerk and had later served Articles with the firm, and they continued in partnership until Stanley John Rowland's death in 1974 soon after he had celebrated the sixty sixth anniversary of his joining the firm.

Meanwhile, he and Edgar Frederick Clark had been joined in partnership in 1952 by Verner Townend, who retired in 1969, and in 1966 by his son James Moffat Rowland who had also been Articled with the firm.

In 1971 they were joined by Nigel John Rowland Clark the son of Edgar Frederick Clark so that the firm then consisted of two fathers and their sons.

In 1979 Adrian Bennett became a partner and in 1981 Edgar Frederick Clark retired, to become a consultant.