Peter Peter & Wright

In 1982 a branch office of the firm was opened at Bridge Street Chambers, Bideford and three years later on 1 January 1985 Peter Peter & Sons of Holsworthy merged with TA Goaman & Wright of Bideford and became "Peter Peter & Wright", with Jeremy Mohun Wright becoming a partner.

Brian Douglas Rowson joined the enlarged firm as a partner in 1986 along with Clive Ernest Soby Smale, who had served his Articles of Clerkship with the firm.

The following year in 1987 brought the merger with Peter Peter & Sons of Bude and Okehampton. On this merger the partnership strength was increased by three ­ John Anthony Spiers, Anthony John Cloke and Christopher John Scoffham.

On 1 June 1989 there was a further merger with McNeill and Co of Bideford, when Alec McNeill became a partner, and this led, in 1990 to the opening of a branch office in Barnstaple.

On 1 January 1992 Deborah Pearl Brookes, who too had served her Articles with the firm, became the first woman partner in the firm's long history.

Tony Spiers retired from the partnership in 1996 and Toby Rowland was appointed a partner in 1998.

Laurence Overend became a partner in July 2000. Jeremy Wright and Tony Cloke retired in December 2004. Nigel Clark succeeded Jeremy as senior partner upon Jeremy's retirement and remained senior partner until Adrian Bennett was appointed to that role in 2011.

David Higgs become a partner in January 2005 whilst Laurence Overend retired from the practice in August 2005. Lorraine Wakefield became a partner on 1 January 2006 and remained as such until her return to a tertiary teaching role in September 2012. Philippa Buckland joined the partnership on 1 January 2008 and remained within the partnership until July 2014.

Deborah Brookes retired from the partnership in October 2011 and in January 2012 five new partners, Lucy Pritchard, Zoe Sims, Claire Woolsey, Anne Slade and Michael Miller were appointed.  Lucy Pritchard returned to New Zealand in August 2012.   

Adrian Bennett retired as senior partner in December 2012 remaining with the firm as a Consultant at which time Clive Smale was appointed as senior partner, having begun his career with the firm's predecessor Peter Peter & Sons in 1973.

Since then, Alex Betambeau became a Partner in January 2014; Rebecca Chapman in January 2015; Lauren Hockin in July 2020, Darren Reed in January 2021; and Sam Risdon and Mark Bailey in July 2021.