Suzanne Brookes


A North Devon girl, Suzanne began her legal career in large commercial practices, qualifying in 1996 before returning to her roots here in Devon in 2005. Suzanne currently works as an employment law specialist covering all of our four offices in Bideford, Bude, Holsworthy and Okehampton. Suzanne advises both employers and employees on all aspects of employment law and her style is to focus particularly on risk management and how best to avoid any disputes arising.

Clients praise Suzanne for her approachability and practical, no-nonsense manner. Never one to advocate litigation, if it can be avoided, Suzanne works with clients to pin point precisely what they wish to achieve and how best to achieve it with the least cost and fuss.

Suzanne says: “I enjoy working as a specialist employment solicitor because it focuses on real life problems and their solutions. Most of us work, or employ people. The scenarios I deal with could affect anyone of us, at any time.

When a person loses their job, the repercussions can be devastating. The decision to bring a claim against an ex-employer is not one to be taken lightly. Often, the people affected will have no income, or a reduced income. The trick is to get to the root of their concerns and provide the advice and support they need, without adding to their financial burden unnecessarily.

Similarly, the costs to businesses of dealing with Employment Tribunal proceedings can be significant. I cannot emphasise enough the merits of seeking advice from a specialist at an early stage before taking action. All too often, a successful claim could have been avoided by a single phone call to me before a dismissal was carried out. Having the right policies and procedures in place is also essential and greatly reduces the scope for dispute.”